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David Savin – Savin On Sunday

“Savin on Sunday” is on hiatus.
Meanwhile, a show archive is available. Thank you for listening.

“Savin On Sunday” is a thoughtful and grounded hour of discussion on topics which matter to all of us and impact our lives.  Join David Savin each Sunday morning from 6:30 – 7:30am for “Savin On Sunday”.

Call in LIVE! (561) 685-WLML. That’s (561) 685-9565.

“…join me on Sunday mornings as we explore anything and everything together.  Learn a little, share a little and hopefully laugh a little.

–David Savin

Your host David Savin was born and raised in Connecticut.  He spent his lifetime in business but has always been interested in politics, biotechnology, medical advancements….world economy, stocks, and more.  His current goal is to live forever by taking advantage of all of today’s and tomorrow’s medical advancements.

Savin On Sunday is LIVE and LOCAL and you are an important part of the program.  Your calls, your thoughts, and your opinions are welcome and strongly encouraged!

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