Robinson Entertainment

dick rmgDick Robinson is a well-known, high-profile, part of the Palm Beach community, having moved here with his wife Sally in the early 1980’s. Aside from being a supporter of major non-profits in Southern Florida — serving on many Boards and organizing functions that have raised tens of millions of dollars for community causes — Dick is perhaps best known as the Founder and Chairman of The Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Today, Dick oversees operations of the school that has become the nation’s largest and oldest group of broadcast media schools and is directly responsible for the careers of countless broadcasters — many of whom you see and hear everyday, regardless of where you live. Dick is himself an accomplished Air Personality and is currently the host of the syndicated radio program “American Standards by the Sea” broadcast weekly, and syndicated to other radio stations throughout the country.

How did WLML get started?

The Federal Communications Commission controls licensing of all broadcasters. Over the years, The FM radio spectrum has nearly reached its maximum capacity of radio stations. However, in early 2013, The FCC identified a rare frequency available to serve the Palm Beach County area and offered it at an auction.

Dick was the successful bidder and is now overseeing the process of building the station to become one of the most prominent in Southern Florida. The station’s call letters, WLML, stand for: Where Legendary Music Lives!