Legends Radio means business …

Palm Beach County leads the nation in so many ways … from income levels and household wealth to lifestyle and more.

Until now, Southern Florida’s educated, affluent and active listening audience has been under-served by traditional commercial radio stations.

Now’s the time to learn more about the marketing partnership opportunities available to businesses who recognize the value of reaching new customers via the most exciting thing to happen to Palm Beach County radio in years!

For listeners … Legends 100.3 FM delivers the greatest music ever recorded — the music of The Great American Songbook.

For advertisers … Legends 100.3 FM will help deliver an educated, affluent, and active audience. An audience with disposable income and spending power!

Contact Missy Robinson at (561) 508-9415 to learn how your business can benefit from including Legends Radio as part of your marketing efforts. You can also send an email to: sales@legendsradio.com or fill out the form below.

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On-air, on-line and in-person…on-target results!

“Legends Radio offers a valuable way to reach our target market. The on-air and on-line advertising opportunities have proven to be effective in making our phone ring and the on-site event marketing opportunities are an extra bonus and great for in-person community outreach. Legends is very helpful and conscientious in relaying the proper messaging to give us an audible voice to many and bring us successful results. We look forward to growing this relationship with them.”

Jennifer Jones | Director of Communication

Palm Beach Symphony